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8 Reasons to Crowdsource Content

As a content marketer or community manager you are in the middle of the action. Expectations are high. You are supposed to know what´s happening and when, as well as who is doing what and where.  In short, you need to have all the answers.

Yet, you’re not God. The reality you are faced with is often a lack of time and resources to get the job done. Engaging customers with timely and relevant content is a huge and complex task that depends on inputs, lots of inputs.

The gathering and curation of content is a major challenge. It is something that cannot be done alone.  When inputs from the organization and/or the community are needed,  crowdsourcing is the solution. Imagine having many persons contribute content to make sure that you are fully informed about everything that is going on in real time. That would be great, right?

It is like having informants everywhere.  Each informant posts content spontaneously about the issues, topics and events that are going on or the stuff they are working on.  These posts come together in an organized fashion in a Newsroom so that you can use it to engage the community.


There are 8 important reasons to start crowdsourcing content:

  1. Knowledge.  Being on top of things without knowing what is going on is hard. So setting up a network of contributors who keep you informed is crucial.
  2. Timing.  If you need to choose the right moment to engage customers about something specific, a continuous and timely flow of content helps.
  3. Granularity.  The increasing demand for granular content means digging deeper into the organization to get relevant information about specific issues, events, products and services.
  4. Identity.  By getting people involved from within the organization, you generate collaborative content that reflects the true identity and culture. Authentic messages transmit empathy and thus energize and touch our audiences.
  5. Productivity. A well structured content crowdsourcing plan saves time and effort as the flows of content enter in preset categories of the Newsroom, ready to be used for content marketing or project coordination.
  6. Collaboration.  Making sure that key people in the organization are part of the content marketing effort is key to its success. A disconnect between what marketing says and what operations does, can be counterproductive.
  7. Motivation. Content marketing is a team effort. Feedback about the impact of each piece of content that people contribute helps engage and motivate the team.
  8. Sources.  Identifying the movers and shakers in the organization and nurturing them as contributors to the content marketing effort, is a great way to develop superior sources of information that you can use when you need answers.

If you are interested in getting started with crowdsourcing content, consider a Newsroom.  Messagenes provides a platform for crowdsourcing. You can set up a Newsroom for free at

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