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At a Conference last week here in Spain, I realized how self-centered the social networks are. Here we were with a few hundred persons, the vast majority representing an organization. But each person was posting stuff on their own walls. They were taking pictures and posting messaging on their OWN Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.But wait a minute. Weren’t they at the Conference for an organization? Rather than engaging the target audiences of their organizations, they were busy developing their personal network. It is not their fault. They can’t help it. When logged into their personal account, their messages get posted to those accounts. Most people just do not have access to their organization’s social network profiles. So whatever they post ends up on their personal profiles. It simply works this way. Why question it?

So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if all these people become reporters for the organizations they work with? They could help generate content so that their community managers, content professionals or project managers can do their jobs and engage customers or the team. Rather than posting directly on the company pages, they would have to post to a Newsroom. Here specialized staff would decide what to post where, and when. Content marketers need a Newsroom that unites the content of all reporters and becomes the launching pad for content on social networks.

To get this done, a platform for Newsrooms needs to be created as well as an easy way to produce content for them. Any system that would require special authorizations or one that would exclusively serve the Newsroom of just one organization, would be doomed to fail. Only an open platform that is easy to use, can persuade staff to help produce engaging content.

This is how the ‘Network of Reporters’ idea was born: a flexible and versatile solution that enables each Newsroom to accept, unite and organize cards from any reporter. As the reporters publish on their cards, the Newsrooms get filled with interesting content in ‘real-time’. Each reporter can serve multiple Newsrooms with as many cards. When posting something, he or she simply chooses the card to post it to and the publication appears in the Newsrooms where the card is present.

It is a great way to build a network of reporters, engage the staff, be on top of what is going on and have enough diverse and engaging content with less effort. Build your network of reporters step-by-step and content marketing becomes a breeze.

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