Successful Communities

What makes a community successful?  An obvious answer would be: “Achieving its purpose, getting results” but this does not explain how that is done?

Take a community of mentors. Their purpose is to accompany persons who for some reason need help. If they are successful, lot´s of mentees improve their lives. But how is that done?

Engaging. A successful community engages its members. They feel part of the community because they believe in its work and feel respected because they get support and feedback. What if the members would feel abandoned by the organization?  That would directly affect their motivation and commitment, wouldn’t it?  So one important success factor is keeping the all members in the loop.

Social. Also, members enjoy making friends and being with them. A community that also serves as social space for people who share interests, beliefs or goals, is more likely to be successful.

Inspiring. Feeling empowered is another important aspect. The community not only needs to invite people to participate but also offer them an opportunity to be creative and take initiative.  Communities that provide a learning opportunity for all tend to be inspiring and create loyalty.

On Track. Finally, an equally crucial aspect is tracking progress. Not all communities seek progress but if they do they need to measure it. This makes management easier and focusses members on their achievements, in which they take pride.

At Messagenes we empower communities with technology.  We focus on making activities work. Our activity platform facilitates engagement, interaction, evaluation and learning. We believe that collecting data and using that to share tailored feedback with each participant is an excellent way to collaboratively achieve great results.

Armand Bogaarts

Messagenes CEO

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